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We are continuing with the theme of adding money, which is actually no more complicated than column addition. The main thing to remember is to ensure that you line the decimal points up carefully to take account of place value. The decimal point never changes it just stays there and you add up all the numbers around it in a methodical way, starting at the right and working to the left.

This activity today has two different tasks in the worksheet.

Firstly, it deals with 3 digit numbers and has a range of challenge levels. Check your answers off against the marking guide.

Then, move on to the 4 digit numbers, choosing the challenge level appropriate to you.


These next 5 English lessons explore and apply different grammar aspects, including direct speech as well as identifying nouns, verbs and adjectives. The lessons are in a slightly different format than you have previously seen but they work well to reinforce the terminology you are expected to know.

Activity 1 and 2

This first lesson in the series looks at reinforcing your spoken language skills of speaking with expression as well as reinforcing your reading comprehension skills.

Activity 3 - Either complete a story board of your version of the story OR tackle the extension task of watching 2 different animated versions of the story and write explaining which version you prefer and why.


This is a different style of lesson which we thought you all would like to give a try. You do not always need an instrument to create musical pieces. Sometimes you can use your voice, and , in these lessons, you also use your body!!. We really hope you enjoy exploring the links in the document below. Feel free to share with your family and let us know on SeeSaw how you got on. Enjoy!!!