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Children in Year One need to learn to use technology purposefully to create, organise, store, manipulate and retrieve digital content. This can be anything from a Word document to a drawing or a photo. 


This week we'd like the children to create an online drawing or picture.

Choose one of the links below as a painting package for today's task.


Remind your child not to click on any strange adverts or links as some of these sites may have these at the edge.  


Talk through the main tools and model drawing a basic picture of their favourite farm animal.  

What do you think the paintbrush will do? How can you change colour? Can you change the thickness of your pencil or brush? What happens if something doesn't go quite right? Is there an 'undo' button? Show them how to use it. 


Allow your child to draw their own picture. (We'll warn you, it's not an easy task drawing with a mouse, but it's great fun!) Here are our little attempts at a pig using different websites. 




Help your child save a copy of their picture. If this process is not immediately obvious, you can always use the snipping tool to take a picture of it and then save your snip. 

Ask your child: What would be a good name for the file? 

Which document folder should we save it into?  

Why do we need to know where we have saved it? 


Load the picture or a photo of it up onto Seesaw for us to see please.