The Tyrrells School

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LO: To practise my handwriting.

Today you are going to show off your wonderful handwriting skills. The letters you are going to practise today are d, e, f and g. Below is a handy letter formation sheet with  rhymes to help you.

Task 1: 

d, e, f, g

Use your pointing finger as a pencil and practise the motion of the letters and the joins : in the air, on the ground, on a wall or on someone's back. 

If it helps you can say the rhyme as you sweep your finger to form the letter. 

Task 2: 

Make sure you are sitting in the correct postion to do your handwriting. Here is a handy rhyme to help you check: 

1 2 3 4,  are my feet flat on the floor? 

5 6 7 8,  my chair is in, my back is straight, 

9 10 11 12, this is how my pencil's held.

Task 3: 

Complete the handwriting worksheet for the letters d, e, f and g. Which can be found below:

Task 4 

Complete at least one of these handwriting practise sentence sheets: