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Thank you for visiting our Year 2 page.  This is where we will share information about our learning. If you have any questions, you can contact us on the email addresses below. 


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Archived Content (Academic Year 2019/20)

Please see below a little message from all of us to all of you...

Dear 2HM, 


It seems a little strange that we have reached the end of the summer term in such a way but we have been and are, so immensely proud of you all. The last few months have been a challenge for all of us and we would’ve loved nothing more than to continue teaching and having fun with you in school- you are an amazing class and Miss Saunders is lucky to have you all moving up into the juniors! We have truly missed you all and are looking forward to seeing you in September! Thank you for all your hard work, positivity and enthusiasm both in school and at home, we have loved chatting to you over the phone these past weeks, looking at all your work and your videos and pictures have definitely made us smile! We hope you have a superb summer, full of sunshine and laughter. Keep looking after one another. 


Stay safe 

Love Mrs Hoyte & Mrs Mansell Xx



Dear Class 2K,


Hello everyone, I hope you are all well. I know this year has been a very unusual year for all of us but each and every one of you have achieved so much.


I will never forget the first day that you all came into year 2. You were all so tiny but more than ready to get started and eager to learn.  Year 2 began with our first topic ‘Wheels, Wings and Other Things’. We thoroughly enjoyed the picture book Journey by Aaron Becker and had some fantastic lessons. In the story the little girl was feeling sad and lonely, until she found a magic red crayon that would take her on an exciting journey. This is where I saw what a fantastic imagination you all had. We decided that the little girl wasn’t the only one that could have a magic red crayon, we could too! You used your magic crayon to solve problems in the story. I remember how you stepped into the book and became designers of vehicles to help the little girl from falling down the huge, icy, cold waterfall. The vehicles you designed were simply amazing! They were multi-purpose vehicles that could not only travel in water but also in land and air! You also worked together as a team to find a way of releasing the beautiful bird that had been captured in the golden cage hanging in the sky. The way you all valued each other’s opinions and brought the best out in each other showed me what a fantastic class you were. I knew from this moment we were going to have a great year… and we certainly did!


Our transport topic also included a remarkable school trip to Stansted Airport’s Aerozone! We had the most exciting day that was full of great opportunities. You all had the opportunity to speak to two armed policemen about their job at the airport and how they keep everyone safe. We also were extremely lucky to venture up to the viewing platform to see the planes taking off and landing. We even had some of the pilots waving and flashing their lights at us too!


The Christmas Production was another moment that really sticks out in my mind. You all worked incredibly hard learning your lines for the play and showing great maturity, guiding the year one children throughout rehearsals and the performance. The moment you all stepped on stage in your costumes I could have burst with pride! Each and everyone of you delivered your lines loudly, clearly and with expression. We also had some very brave children that sang a duet and solo in front of the whole school and the parents! You all blew me away!


After Christmas we started 2020 with our exciting new topic, ‘Fire and Ice’. We started with the topic Fire. The History off the Page Team came into school and helped us step back in time to 1666 when the great fire started. You all wore clothes just like the children in 1666 would have worn. It was fantastic to see you all enjoying the hands on experience of catching the rats to help stop the plague spreading, making your own candles, medicines, breads and much more! What a fantastic day that was! This topic helped you all produce some fantastic writing in the past tense. This is where I really began to see how much you were growing and what a positive growth mindset you all had. We began to focus a little more on our grammar lessons, our reading comprehension and we developed our understanding of multiplication and division in this term too! Wow what superstars you are all!


I think we would all agree that our next, and final topic was one that we all enjoyed, our Ice topic. It was a fantastic opportunity to learn all about different breeds of penguins. In this topic we became researchers and you all produced some fantastic research using informative notes to then go on and produce information leaflets for Colchester Zoo! The penguin enclosure at the zoo were blown away by your well-researched facts and beautifully detailed illustrations that they said they were going to display some leaflets in their penguin enclosure!

After we had a good understanding of the different breeds of penguins and their habitats we then started to make our own papier mâché penguins. This task proved rather tricky as you all had to think about the different features of the penguin you were making and make some parts of your penguin stand out more than others. You all rose to the challenge and after some rather messy art lessons the first stage of our penguins were complete. They attracted lots of attention and we even got a visit from Miss Wood asking if she could keep one!  


Class 2K, this year has been such an amazing year and I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching each and every one of you. You are such a fantastic class full of amazing personalities that always know how to make me smile. Your ‘can do’ attitude and great level of perseverance made teaching you all a breath of fresh air. I enjoyed walking around the playground holding your hands and hearing all about your latest adventures. I also enjoyed watching the running races and the sheer determination to push yourselves and become even faster. Thank you for teaching me so much about football and pushing me to achieve more steps on my Fitbit! Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication whilst working from home. You have risen to the challenge and produced some work to be truly proud of.


I cannot wait to see lots of you again in school on Monday., I bet you have all grown so much! You can tell me all about what you have been doing and you can have the opportunity to meet your new teacher, Miss Gullick also.


I hope you have a lovely weekend. Keep safe and I will see lots of you on Monday!!!


Love Mrs Kentish xx


Blue Peter Six Badges of Summer!

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Summer Reading Challenge 2020 -

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The Great Fire of London

On Monday 13th January Year 2 stepped back in time to the year 1666. We learnt how The Great Fire of London started, how it spread and how the city was rebuilt. 
Meet the Teacher 2019
Thank you to all those who were able to attend our Year 2 Meet the Teacher session, it was lovely to meet you all! Please find the presentation from the session and the handout given below.