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Monday 23rd May

Have a look at the 'Latest News' section of the school council area to see a photo from today's meeting!

Tuesday 3rd May

Today we looked at the different proposals for the changes to the play equipment on our school field. We had discussed ideas about what equipment we wanted at a previous meeting and today we looked at the quotes that we had received. We took a vote on both the Key Stage 1 area and the Key Stage 2 area. Which equipment do you like...
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Friday 5th February 


Today's meeting was held with our link governor, Mrs Wilkinson. We were on a mission to improve Tavistock Road. Have a look under 'Latest News' to see what we got up to.

Tuesday 26th January

Today we talked about the impact our parking signs have had on the parking at the front of the school. The school

 council were really proud that they had noticed less cars parking on the zigzag lines. We then collated all the ideas classes had had about the new playground areas. We are hoping to make some selections for climbing frames etc soon!

Friday 15th January 2016


Today we discussed the different parking issues around the school. We were particularly concerned about people parking on the zigzag lines at the front of the school building. We were concerned that children find it hard to cross the road and also that emergency vehicles could not get close to the school if required. We decided to design some posters to put at the front of the school...

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