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We hope you have all had a lovely weekend!


This week in Maths we shall be exploring position, direction and movement and will learn to use the correct mathematical vocabulary. Throughout the week you will practise describing movement verbally and following instructions.


To start with, open the PowerPoint presentation below to recap the words ‘Left, Right, Clockwise, Anti-clockwise’ and ‘Quarter turn’. Once you have warmed up, have a go at following directions by completing a Pirate Paraphernalia activity. Remember that activities marked with one star (*) are for those of you that would like to choose a red challenge, two stars (**) are for yellow and three stars (***) are for green. The answers are attached too so no peeking before you’ve finished!  


(N.B - Sorry if you've been trying to find the maths, it was posted on tomorrow's page, whoops!)