The Tyrrells School

Aspire, Care, Learn for Life


Daily tasks

By now you probably have this routine set but do please check for any extra updates. 

TT rockstars for 20 minutes and read for 20 minutes. Lexia users to also complete 20 minutes of this too.

Make sure to do some physical activity. Either, tune in to Joe Wicks daily workout or a session of yoga from our list of websites within mindfulness and keeping active.

Listen to David Walliams on the web link below, which is releasing a free audio book each day at 11am.

Spend 20 minutes learning how to touch type on the computer. Make sure to take time to work through each of the stages at your pace. The weblink for this is below.

Volunteer to help with at least one task around the house, eg washing up, making your bed, making a drink for your household. 

New challenge - Make sure to check the resources and suggestions in the Weekly project section of each week.


Today we are consolidating our understanding of short multiplication by applying the skill to solving word problems. It is important to always read the instructions and apply RUCSAC.

Remember, word problems need to be answered in a full sentence and include units.

Make sure to include the short date of 01.04.20 in your book and choose the appropriate challenge level for you. You will be able to self mark these questions as answers can be found at the bottom of the worksheet.
As an extension, feel free to try the spicy hot challenge of word problems where you have to identify and solve only those that require multiplication.
For those who want to play a game after completing your word problems, please feel free to try the dicey game challenge. Follow the instructions on the guidance sheet below.


Today in English we are going to explore the spelling pattern of au/augh.

Work through the PowerPoint carefully and follow the tasks outlined in it.


Take a look at this long list of fun and different ways to learn your weekly spellings! There is certain to be something here to interest everyone. Choose one of the activities and use it to practice the ten focus spelling words on the last slide of the PowerPoint.

Remember your parents will be asked to give you a spelling test on Monday!!

Can you find the au/augh words in the wordsearch?

Also, use your ten focus spelling words to try to solve the crossword clues.


Finish off your presentation about the use of co-ordinates and why the Royal Ordnance Survey came into effect. Check to make sure that you have included details of what maps and co-ordinates are used for.