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We are continuing our topic of Area, which we started on Friday. Take a look at the PowerPoint below and work through from slides 13 onwards. This looks at problem solving and reasoning questions. You can then have a go at the appropriate challenge level of questions for you. Make sure to self mark your answers.


Can you apply your understanding to this challenge?


This week you are going to plan, write, edit and redraft a story that follows on from the end of the Chocolate Tree. You need your story to follow the same structure as the Chocolate Tree except this time, it is the Mayans who want to receive an item from Paradise (not Kulkulkan wanting to give them one) It can't be a chocolate tree but something of your choice.

Today, and if needed some of tomorrow too, jot down your ideas for your story using the planning template to help you

Remember, a plan does not need to be full sentences, yet rather bullet points of ideas and some vocabulary as it pops into your head.

Some guidance to think about for your plan

Beginning - What is life currently like on Earth? Eg Kukulkan is teaching them how to grow and harvest the chocolate, enjoys watching them taste it. He may feel proud of himself but miss some aspects of Paradise.

Build up - What gift do the Mayans now want from Paradise? Eg a precious material such as gold / jade. IT MUST BE A PHYSICAL OBJECT that Kukulkan can carry.

Problem - What is the dilemma Kukulkan faces? Eg If he doesn't give the Mayans what they want, they may turn against him and ban him from Earth? But if he does then the Gods will be even more furious and could send down a disaster.

Resolution - What does Kukulkan decide to do? Remember to make your story exciting, He is going to decide to retrieve the gift from Paradise. Make sure to describe his journey there and back.

Consequences - What are the consequences that follow? How do the Gods find out and what do they do when they realise. Eg send a natual disaster down to Earth, lock Kukulkan away etc.

Ending - How does the story end for all characters involved? Is it the end for Kukulkan? How do the Mayans feel knowing they caused all this? Do they get to keep their item?


Lesson 10 - The Decline of the Maya

Today, you are going to be able to explore some of the main reasons that people think the Maya Civilisation went into decline.

Firstly, read "The decline of the Maya PPT". Then, you will need to make a judgement on whether some causes are more likely than others by cutting and sticking the "Maya decline cause cards" on the "Cause Card Table". Alternatively, you could just write these out in a table in your book.

Extension activity

Can you recreate what you think happened using a storyboard, with images and text?