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Spelling Test

*Please conduct a spelling test of the spellings given out on Thursday you haven't already. New spellings to learn will be available tomorrow.*


Today we will be learning to make our work even better.


Practise correcting the passage below using the Success Criteria for good story sentences.




Now, you are going to be reading through your 'stuck' stories to see how successful you have been in applying the Success Criteria.


Using a 'blue pen'' (this could be any colour that is different to your writing), correct any punctuation and add in any adjectives next to nouns. If you have not spelt a Year 1 Common Exception Word correctly, please practise it three times at the bottom of your work. Let us see your corrections on Seesaw.


Success Criteria:


- 'Say the sentence, write the sentence'

- Openers

- Time connectives

- Capital letters

- Full stops

- Finger spaces

- Sit letters on the line

- Cursive handwriting


For an extension:

- Join sentences together using 'and', 'but', 'if', 'because' or 'so'. 

- Use an exclamation mark


Problem of the Day: Can you solve it? Send us your answer on Seesaw please. 


Today we are learning to solve simple money problems.


Have a go at answering some of the questions below.





Now, have a go at playing the Coins Game below. You can choose to practise sorting, ordering or counting them!

Now, choose your challenge below!