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Today we are looking at equivalent fractions.

Extra mild challenge

For those of you who find fractions really challenging. Please only tackle the extra mild challenge below. You will have opportunity to work on the additional challenges for this Friday when others look at converting mixed numbers into improper fractions.

Work through the powerpoint of explanation ( you do not need to print it out but review on the screen) and complete the task below.


Rest of challenges

Work your way through the Powerpoint explaining equivalent fractions. No need to print out but you can review on the screen. Then select the level of challenge appropriate to you. As always, you can self mark using the answers at the end of each pack. Just remember the rule we talked about in class, whatever you do to the numerator, you need to do the same to the denominator.


Today we are going to have a quick recap on causal conjunctions from Monday and then move onto exploring contrasting conjunctions.

Using the document below (this does not need to be printed just worked through on the screen), complete the following:- 

Slides 2 - 5 Recap of causal conjunctions

Slide 6 - What do you think contrasting conjunctions are?

Slide 7 - Discusses how contrasting conjunctions are used to join together a positive clause and a negative clause.

Slides 8-9 Work through

Slide 10 Can you identify the causal or contrasting conjunctions in this text?

Slides 11 and 12  Review to create your own sentences using contrasting conjunctions.

Now it is your turn to select the appropriate challenge level to apply your understanding of contrasting conjunctions in the context of recycling.

Green - Rewrite the sentences neatly in your book and underline or highlight the conjunction.

Orange - Rewrite the paragraph neatly in your book and add in the missing conjunction, making sure it makes sense and underline it.

Red - Rewrite the paragraph neatly in your book and add in the missing conjunction, making sure it makes sense and highlight it. In addition underline the positive clause in blue and negative clause in red.

Religious Education

Following on from yesterday's learning. Please complete activity 2 on the instruction sheet below. This will involve you making a cartoon strip. Also have a look at the word search activity, where there is an associated video clip to help you find out the answers to the words to be found in the word search.