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Daily English

English Lesson


Now that you have gathered all your interesting information you will need to create a fact file over the next two days. 

There a several features you need to include: 



Subheadings e.g. Name, Date of Birth, Place of Birth,  Early Life, Work,  Family, Hobbies, Fun Facts

It needs to be in basic chronological order 

Capital letter, full stops

Adjectives e.g.  delicious Sunday Roast , friendly, black cat,  (describing words)


You can choose any format you like to write your fact file: powerpoint, leaflet, poster,  or use the template we have attached. Include photos or drawings if you wish!


Make your fact file interesting and fun to read, why not add a border if you have time?


We can't wait to see them! Please send pictures to our email address' if this is possible. 



Reading Comprehension