The Tyrrells School

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Couldn't let musical theme go without a track from The Greatest Showman. We know this song has been used before, but today is different choreography. This song and its lyrics are really powerful, to recognise that everything about you is special and you should be proud of yourselves. Both Miss Busby and Mr Woollard are incredibly proud of each and every one of you.

Pupil Passport

This week, we would like you to complete the Tyrrells Pupil Passport to share information about yourself with your new teacher. This year, we have added a new section so that you can share your lockdown achievements. 

As this will contain your name and personal information, we would like you to send the completed passports to your teacher by email who will then pass them on to your new teacher(s) securely. 

(This message will appear for the rest of the week but you only need to complete this once!)


Continuing on the theme of translation, this lesson combines this with coordinates which should hopefully still be fresh in your mind from earlier this week. Re-read slides 9 to 11 on the PPT below.


Then tackle the two activities below. Make sure to self mark using the answers provided.


Today is an opportunity for you to further reinforce your understanding of different aspects of grammar. The weblink below takes you to different topics that are covered by a quiz. As a starter you should most definitely look at Complex sentences. Choose the topic areas you wish to complete on this interactive site.

Outdoor Learning

The focus for our Outdoor Learning this week is Wonderful Wildlife.

Can you find and name wild flowers for every colour of the rainbow?

Can you find out about the life cycles of living things in your garden and create a role play to show the changes?

Can you use your observation skills to identify the birds that visit your garden and complete the survey. Do you have the same of different birds at different times of the day?

Do you need to make some bird feeders to encourage the birds to visit your garden?