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Today we'd like you to write a four sentence story. Try to make the sentences as detailed and amazing as possible. The pictures to generate the story are in the pdf below. Your story will be called 'The Treasure Hunt.'

Can you think of a great way to start your story? What might your characters be called? What's the ship like that they are sailing on? What do you think that they are going to do? (Remember the story title.)

When you have written one fantastic sentence to tell the story to go with the first picture, move on to the second picture and do the same, until you've got the whole story in four fantastic sentences. Don't forget to use some tremendous adjectives and think carefully about your common word spellings as you write.

If you'd like to, send us your finished story. We'd love to read them!



Revisit the vocabulary that we used yesterday with this presentation.

Today we are looking at comparing weight and mass of two or more objects. We are using the terms 'heavier than', 'heaviest' and 'lighter than', 'lightest' in order to compare mass.

Here's a cool song for you to learn!

Start by using Mr Pip's fruit balance to answer these questions;

1. Which is heavier, the banana or the apple?

Ask the children to repeat 'the banana is heavier than the apple'.

2. Which is lighter the lemon or the cherry?

Ask the children to repeat 'the lemon is lighter than the cherry'.


Children now can make up their own comparison sentences by experimenting with different fruits on Mr Pip's fruit balance. Encourage children to respond in full sentences as above. 

Have a look at the following presentation - which do you think is heavier? A tablespoon or a lunchbox? A sock or a shoe? Which is lighter? A sticker or a basketball? A book or a piece of paper?
Now, complete the following challenges. You can write the answers in your book if you can't print them out - or just talk about what you think the answers are with an adult.
If you have signed up to Twinkl (see link in General Resources) - you can have a go at this interactive ordering by weight activity.
You might also enjoy this episode of Numberblocks - about heavy and light... smiley