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Daily English

LO: To practise my handwriting.

Today you are going to show off your wonderful handwriting skills. The letters you are going to practise today are l, m, n and o. Below is the letter formation sheet with rhymes to help you.



Task 1: 

l, m, n and o

- choose one or more of the following ideas:

  • Use your pointing finger as a pencil and practise the motion of the letters and the joins : in the air, on the ground, on a wall or on someone's back.
  • If you have chalk, why not write your letters on the ground outside?
  • Or if you are lucky enough to have a sandpit write your letters in the sand.
  • Another option is to use a paint brush and water to write your letters on a fence or the ground.

We'd love to see your work on Seesaw!


If it helps you can say the rhyme as you sweep your finger to form the letter. 

Task 2: 

Make sure you are sitting in the correct postion to do your handwriting. Here is a handy rhyme to help you check: 

1 2 3 4,  are my feet flat on the floor? 

5 6 7 8,  my chair is in, my back is straight, 

9 10 11 12, this is how my pencil's held.

Task 3: 

Complete the handwriting worksheet for the letters l ,m, n and o. Which can be found below:

Task 4 

go   bad   code   fade   hide   jog   lock   mole


These words contain all the letters that you have been practicing at home. Can you write them in your beautiful joined up handwriting? We would love to see your work on seesaw!

Here is a clip of the words being written :


Still image for this video


copy, copied, copier, happy, happier, happiest, cry, cried, reply, replied


Write out your spellings in one of the following ways: 

  • bubble letters
  • fancy letters (curly, dotted, zigzag, wiggly - you choose!) 
  • 'write' your words by cutting out letters from magazines/newspapers and glue your letters onto a piece of paper to spell the words.