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Pixel the puppy was enjoying a nice day out with his family, but they forgot to put him in the car and left without him! Can you program Pixel to find his way home?


In each puzzle, you'll navigate Pixel to avoid obstacles so he can get back home to his family.


While playing this game, your child will learn to code as they complete fun game-like puzzles. In many puzzles, they begin by building a character, then they use Tynker’s block coding language or JavaScript to program that character to navigate through obstacles. Each puzzle introduces new concepts and slightly more challenging scenarios, building on what the children have already done. Although the children feel like they’re playing a game, they’re learning computational thinking and the basics of programming logic.


How is data stored on a computer? 

Have a look at this BBC Bitesize lesson to find out about how things are saved on a computer. 

You can save photos, music, videos, games and lots of other things on a computer.

If you have too many things stored the computer memory will get full. Different things take up different amounts of space.