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Get moving with this Just Dance video.


We are looking at calculating the area of composite shapes today. Remember, we looked at perimeter of composite shapes last week and watched a video clip to show how to work out missing lengths. We are continuing with that video which explains how to calculate area. Click on the weblink below and start watching from 2.00 minutes in and watch carefully up to 3.15 minutes

Now, read carefully through the help sheet below which explains about how to calculate the area of composite shapes. Then apply your understanding to have a go at the challenges. Remember to work out any missing lengths first before you cut your shape into different squares or rectangles to calculate the area. Remember, to always put your answer with units2.


Today, you firstly need to make sure that you have finished your plan from yesterday.

Over the next two days you have chance to write your story, using your plan. You will have opportunity to edit and redraft your work on Friday.

To write a successful story it is important you include a mix of dialogue, action and description (DAD).

You must write in the Third Person (because The Chocolate Tree was written in third person, with Kukulkan as the main character rather than the Mayans

Do not forget to include the following too

Expanded noun phrases

Fronted Adverbials (remember these are followed by a comma)

Paragraphs organised by theme


Inverted commas

Speech punctuation

Pronouns to avoid repetition


Really challenge yourself to this story being the best piece of writing you have done in Year 4. Use all the skills we have learned along the way and include powerful vocabulary choices.


Lesson 6 - Making Music

This is the final lesson in our unit of sound. Today, you will have an opportunity to make your OWN instrument. Read through the "Making Music PPT" and complete the "Making Music worksheet". Be creative and have fun! We can't wait to see what instruments you produce.


Why not have a go at playing the Sound board game and challenge someone in your household to play with you.

There is also a wordsearch to have a go at too.