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School Council

How does School Council Work?


School council helps make important decisions about how to improve Tyrrells. We meet every two weeks and collect ideas from our  classes to discuss at the meetings. We have an agenda for our meetings and we write minutes so that everyone knows what we have discussed. One of our school governors attends our meetings and our ideas and decisions are taken very seriously.


Our Aims for 2015/16:


School Travel Plan

We aim to have more members of our school community travelling by eco friendly forms of transport.

-We will continue with the Eco Race
-Set up a School Travel Plan working group
-Achieve bronze in the Modeshift Stars awards


Develop Our Outside Area

We want to take more of our learning outside, both during lunch/break times and also during our lessons.

-Develop the markings on our playground which is being resurfaced this year.
-Create a gardening space for each of our classes.
-Work with the school community to make decisions about other areas around the school that may need developing.