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Last week, you ended on comparing decimals as to whether they were greater than or less than another. Today you are going to be ordering decimals. Read through the "Order decimals PPT". Then complete (choosing your level of difficulty) the "Ordering decimals" worksheet and mark using the answers provided. Use the decimal place value sheet to refer to.

Extension - If you would like to challenge yourself, then have a go at the following two activities


This week you will have the opportunity to write your persuasive piece about plastic pollution. The way this will run is as follows;

Monday and Tuesday - Write your persuasive piece

Wednesday - Editing task to get your mind's working about rereading text and identifying edits that are required.

Thursday - Chance to revisit your own writing to edit and redraft and then RAG rate.

Friday - Separate stand alone lesson


Read your plan carefully and think about all the persuasive writing techniques we have discussed over the last couple of weeks and start your writing. There are some reminder sheets below to support you, together with the success criteria we are working towards.

Happy writing, persuade the reader how bad plastic pollution is.

Computing - Internet safety (15 minutes)

With a grown up - watch the video from the 'Think You Know..' website.  Only watch the first video - 'Block him right good, Alfie'.  This is the same video clip as last week. Today's task builds upon your discussions from last week.

After watching the video, use the prompts from activity 1 to identify how Alfie has kept himself safe online.

Activity 2 focuses on positive things to say to others online rather than negative or unkind comments. Discuss with your grown up what is acceptable / unacceptable online.  Then complete activity 2.

Computing - touch typing (30 minutes)

Being able to type your work quickly and accurately on a computer keyboard is a vital skill.  Use the link below to access touch typing sessions. There are four levels to work through over a period of time. Each level is split into three stages. If you have been working on your typing skills over the past two weeks, continue from where you finished last time. If you haven't started yet, begin with level 1 which begins with the home row. Level 2 moves on the six  keys above the home row.

Level 3 extends to the six keys below the home row.


Work through at your own pace, focusing on using the correct finger for each letter.  Try to use the activity for 30 minutes.