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Today we are going to think about how we use bossy verbs when we write instructions and also look at instructions as a non-fiction text.  

Show the children the recipe below for cupcakes.

Ask: What does the recipe show?  Point out the ingredients, utensils and the instructions for making the recipe in numbered steps.

Remind the children about bossy verbs. Can they find the bossy verbs in the text? Bossy words help to give the instructions and in cooking instructions are often things like mix, weigh, fold, roll, sieve or add.


Show the children the recipe below with the bossy verbs missing. Can they identify what the bossy verbs might be?


Then choose one of the challenges below - each recipe needs to be cut and stuck in the correct order, with a title, numbered points and the ingredients list. In the basic recipe, please highlight the bossy verbs. Where are they in each instruction? In the recipe challenge, you need to also fill in the missing 'bossy verbs'. Don't forget to send over your completed work on Seesaw please.


Problem of the Day: Can you solve it? Send us your answer on Seesaw please


Today we are learning to add by making 10. Teach children to add numbers to 20 by first making the number 10 and then adding on the next amount. For example 7 + 5 teach children that 7 + 3 =10 and then you add the next 2. We call this the 'Make 10 strategy'. 

Look at the problems below and have a go at answering them. 






Now have a go at showing the equation by using the 10 frames below. Remember which number to put in first. Why do we start with that number?



Now choose your challenge below: