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Today takes a very similar format to yesterday but instead we will be looking at hundredths as decimals, as opposed to tenths.

Read the first PowerPoint about Hundredths as decimals. (Main focus is on the fluency aspect)Then complete either the first set of mild, spicy or hot challenges from the worksheet below.

Now have a go at identifying hundredths in the activity below.


Today, you are continuing with your research about the impact of plastic pollution on animals and the food chain. Remember to include facts, perhaps about how long common plastics take to biodegrade. Don't forget to include facts to support your persuasion.

Make sure to include as bullet points, not full sentences.


Lesson 4 - Food chains

Firstly, watch the clip linked below

Now, read through the "Food chains PPT". Complete the "Food Chain Vocabulary and Definition Cards" by matching the word with its definition. Make sure to choose your difficulty level.
Finally, use the "Food chain sorting cards" to answer as many questions as you can on the "Food chain challenge cards".
Extension -  If you would like to challenge yourself, you could have a go at completing the " Extension Discussion sheets".