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We are moving onto subtracting money today, which is actually no more complicated than column subtraction. The main thing to remember is to ensure that you line the decimal points up carefully to take account of place value. The decimal point never changes it just stays there and you then subtract the numbers in a methodical way, starting at the right and working to the left. Remember to exchange from the column to the left if the number is not big enough.

This activity today has two different tasks in the worksheet.

Firstly, it deals with 3 digit numbers and has a range of challenge levels. Check your answers off against the marking guide.

Then, move on to the 4 digit numbers, choosing the challenge level appropriate to you.


Continuing with the same story from yesterday, today we will be looking at using our direct speech skills. This involves using images from another author who interpreted the original story. Can you come up with some ideas to complete the speech bubbles?

Then using the dialogue checklist and revision card at the end of the document can you write these ideas formally into dialogue.

Extension - Can you recreate your own miniature world, using resources you have at home? Don't forget to share some pictures of what you have created.

Reading for pleasure

We would like you to read a recipe and help with some cooking at home (obviously with adult support). Lots of you have been busy helping in the kitchen, so we thought we could make a feature of it. So have a research as to what you would like to make, considering the ingredients and what people in your household would like to eat.

DT Cooking

Either this afternoon, or over the weekend, try to help a grown up with some cooking at home. Either something sweet or savory. A single portion or enough for the whole family. IT is up to you and your family.   Make sure you check you have all the ingredients you need before you begin.

Can you:

Use your reading skills to follow a recipe?

Use your measurement skills to weigh out ingredients on the scales?

Use your knowledge of time skills to calculate when to take the item out of the oven?

Can you use your fraction skills to either scale up or scale down to the right number of portions?


Remember to take a picture of your cooking and send it to us on see-saw.  We would love to see your creative skills!  Add a note to tell us how it tasted and if you would change anything next time. Can you identify which skills you have developed whilst cooking?