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Weather Diary


This week you will be observing the weather and recording your findings in a weather diary.

Your diary should be completed every day and your observations should be recorded in detailed sentences using as much description as you can.


Why not watch the weather forecast for the United Kingdom? Can you remember which countries make up the United Kingdom? Which symbols does the forecaster use to show the different types of weather? Have a look at the temperature they are forecasting, does it feel warm or cool outside today?


If you do not have a printer at home please use your exercise book that you were given on Friday or a plain piece of paper.



What can you see outside of your window?

We would like you to go outside in the fresh air and explore the outside environment (your garden). Discover some natural materials in your environment that you can make some art with and get creative!


You can create your artwork and take a photograph of it or perhaps you may wish to collect your objects and sketch them or glue them in a scrap book, you may want to make a sculpture out of stones or a building out of sticks.


Remember to respect the outside environment and try not to disturb the habitats of the mini-beasts that use it as their home. 


If you do not have access to an outside area please practise your sketching skills by sitting at a window in your home and drawing what you can see outside. 




Don't forget your daily workout with Joe Wicks!