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Environment - Lesson 2

Think about your day so far. How many things have you thrown in the bin today?


Each person in the UK throws away more than 1kg of rubbish each day! Over a year this weighs as much as an adult polar bear. How many polar bear sized piles of rubbish will your family make in a year? Where does it all go?




Luckily, making good choices about what we do with our rubbish is something that all of us can do to to help the environment every single day!


Today we are going to learn how to reduce, reuse and recycle our rubbish. 


Some of the slides on the PowerPoint have lots to read on them. If your adult is busy and you are struggling with the words I have put a voice recording of me reading the text on some of  the pages. Just click on the little recording symbol in the middle of the page to help you yes