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PE Zumba Challenge

Day 4 of your Zumba challenge.


Today is an opportunity to consolidate your understanding of perimeter and length, with a variety of different tasks to complete

Activity 1 - Can you match up the enclosure for the requirements of the individual dinosaurs?

Activity 2 - Apply your measurement skills to try to solve an issue of foxes disturbing the farmers.

Extension - If you wish you could have a go at solving the perimeter word problems below. These are harder so you will need to have your wits around you. Watch out for missing lengths of shapes too.


Let's find out what Kukulkan actually decided to do. Read from page 33 to the end. Think about what the consequences were for Kukulkan.

Do you notice there were both positive and negative consequences?

Negative - The Gods sent thunderstorms from Paradise. Bolts of lightnings slashed the fields, this could have affected the crops. He was banished from returning to Paradise.

Positive - The Mayans welcomed Kukulkan, he got to spend his time teaching them how to make the chocolate which he enjoyed anyway, and he had everything he wanted because he previously given it to the Mayans.


Imagine you could interview Kukulkan. What questions would you ask him about how he felt following on from what happened

Eg Do you regret what you did?

Do you miss Paradise?

How did you feel when you were told you could no longer return?


Can you get a member of your household to ask you the questions? How would you answer them if you imagined you were Kukulkan?

Make some notes of your answers, paying particularly attention to thoughts and feelings. You will need this detail for tomorrow's English lesson.


Lesson 9 - Maya Calendar and writing

Read the "Maya writing and calendar PPT". Using the "Maya calendar symbols" and "Maya calendar information sheet" have a go at filling in your own "Maya calendar template".


Why not have a go at writing out your name or a message to someone using the "Maya writing system information sheet" to help you.