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Please read the "Adding and Subtracting decimals PPT". When adding and subtracting decimals it is really important to always line up your numbers in correct place value order and lining up numbers. Today we are focussing on subtracting decimals so, complete "Subtracting decimals worksheet 1", choosing the appropriate challenge level and mark using the answers provided.

Now, choosing the appropriate challenge level, have a go at "Subtracting decimals worksheet 2" which involved using the column method to subtract money.


Using the skills you used from your editing task yesterday, it is time to edit and redraft your own persuasive writing text.

Editing - This means correcting eg spelling, punctuation, checking sentences for verb tenses and missing words. Corrections are made in a different colour pen, and remember any crossings out are one line through the word, using a ruler.

Redrafting - This means rewriting sentence or paragraph to improve its effect or style. Redrafts can be marked with a *1 or *2 and so on and written further down the page.

Use the success criteria for editing and redrafting, of the challenge level you are choosing.

Once you are completely happy with this, then RAG rate against the success criteria for persuasive writing.

Science - Environmental Changes (Continued)

Yesterday, you looked at the impact of environmental changes and how they affect living things. Today we are continuing that theme by looking at endangered animals. We would like you to choose an endangered animal and complete the "Endangered Animals report" worksheet. Using the information you have gathered, prepare a short presentation about your research on an endangered animal to present to those around you. It could be on a powerpoint, or an annotated poster. What is important is that you share it and discuss it with someone at home.

Extension - If you wish to expand your knowledge of endangered animals, play the "Endangered Animals Top Trump Game" below.