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Today, we are looking at the place of decimal digits. Review the help sheet below, which details what each place value is worth. Take note of the spelling of each of the individual words.

Have a go at the following worksheet which sees you applying your understanding of place value of decimals. Choose the appropriate challenge level for you and self mark when completed, against the answers provided at the end.


Today, you are going to plan your hot write persuading people to reduce plastic waste. You are going to complete the left hand side of the planning document attached below. You may find it easier to colour code your individual research notes for the appropriate section you wish to include it in, rather than rewriting it.

As a guide you may include the following details. 

Introduction - Key facts about plastic pollution and where it comes from that will shock the reader, a few key facts about the main consequences that will be discussed in more detail in the main paragraphs.

Point 1 - Facts about the most significant consequence plastic pollution is having, eg damage to marine animals.

Point 2 - Facts about the second most significant consequence plastic pollution is having eg plastic entering the food chain and affecting humans, or beaches becoming dangerous, or how long plastic takes to breakdown.

Conclusion - How the readers will benefit from reducing plastic waste, eg knowing they have saved the animals, stopping certain animals from becoming extinct, having safe clean beaches.


If at the end of this you find that you have gaps in your plan, you can carry out additional research so that you will have plenty to write about.

Important - ONLY complete the left hand side of the plan today.

Religious Education

In our final session on Sikhism, we will be looking at what life is like for a Sikh. Then you will have opportunity to express what is important to you.