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Pupil Report Comments

Dear Parents/Carers,


Please help your child to complete the Pupil Report Comments template below. They can choose to either type or hand write their reflections on the year. If they chose to hand write their ideas, please either scan the finished document or take a photograph. Completed templates should be sent by email to your child's teacher by Monday 20th July. This copy will be added to the teacher written report and kept for our own records. You are invited to keep your original copy as a record of your child's view of their school year and can add this to their teacher report, once received. We look forward to receiving their thoughts as they look back on 2019/2020.


(This message will appear all week but you only need to complete it once!)


The Year 4 Team


Wake yourself out with this move to the beat.


Today is an opportunity for you to consolidate your understanding of Area. There are three different activities to have a go at. The extension one is particularly challenging, so please do not tackle if you are feeling a bit wobbly on this topic.


Today, your lesson is to finish writing your story from yesterday. Please see the success criteria for narrative writing below. You will have an opportunity to edit and redraft your story on Friday. So do try to complete your story today.


Christianity - The Creation Story

Today, you will find out more about The Creation story. You may wish to access a Bible to read the story for yourself, but if you do not have one, do not worry as the worksheet below has a weblink to a story that you can watch. Then you can storyboard the story. There is a support sheet attached to the worksheet, and a blank one on a separate document if you wish to challenge yourself to fill in all the blanks.