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We are continuing to revise plurals in Phonics today. Can you spell the missing plurals in the picture below? Do they follow any rules? Can you say a sentence for each plural?



Some singular and plurals are spelt the same! Can you say what the plural for these pictures should be and put them into a sentence?



Today we are going to be revising capital letters. Have a look at the extract below from The Enormous Turnip. Can you spot the capital letters? Can you give reasons why they have been used?



Capital letters should be used:


- to mark the beginning of a sentence

- for a name

- for days of the week, months of the year

- for the names of places such as countries (England) or towns (Chelmsford)


Can you correct the passage below using these rules?



Now that you have had a practise at correcting the mistakes in the above passage, complete the capital letter challenge of your choice below!


Problem of the Day... can you solve it? Please send us your answer on Seesaw.


Today we are learning to count to and across 100, forwards and backwards, beginning with 0 or 1, or from any given number. We will also be counting, reading and writing numbers to 100 in numerals.


When we order numbers from smallest to largest or largest to smallest we must first look at the 'tens' digit in our numbers and then consider our 'ones' digit next.


Let's consider the three numbers represented by the Dienes below. 



To order them correctly, we compare the tens first, and then the ones in each number.



Using the above as an example, can you order the numbers in below?








Now, complete your choice of challenge below!