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If you have been working on your Scratch project while you have been at home, please open it up today and add on some more instruments so that you have a few to choose from. I have had fun experimenting with a few notes in sequence on a saxophone - try this in your project, it's great fun! You might even be able to make it play a short tune when you click it!


Please share your Scratch projects with us on Seesaw - these early beginnings and investigations in Scratch will really help with the coding challenges that you will meet in Year Two and beyond - we are just really sorry that we can't have fun doing it altogether in school!


What are the main parts of a computer? 

Have a look at this BBC Bitesize lesson to find out about all of the parts of a computer. Then play the game 'Go Kart Grab' that goes with it where you can help Crash and Boot collect all of the computer parts.