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Today, you will be exploring converting metric units of length.

Watch the following video, up to 4 minutes only.

Take a look at the measurement conversion poster and the worked examples.
Now it is your turn to have a go at converting different measurements of length. Remember to use all the knowledge from your lesson on Wednesday (you were learning about multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000) as well as today.


Yesterday, you read Chapter 1 "The Jungle Kingdom" and took notes about 5 questions relating to the character Kukulkan.

You should have come up with the following.

1. Who is he? - He is King / God / Leader of the Mayans

2. Describe his appearance - Cloak of colourful feathers, man-size bird, glistening skin like a snake

3. His personality - He loves the Mayans so wants to share as much as he can with them, also watched over during the day. He is generous, kind, caring, giving, protective.

4. Relationship with others i.e. the Mayans - He teaches the Mayans everything they know such as how to plant the corn seeds, how to pick the crop, how to mash the corn etc.

5. Where he lives - He has a home in paradise and a home on Earth - the stone house on top of the Temple, spends most of his time on Earth.


Now look at the vocabulary choices you have made. How could you uplevel them? (Take a look in a thesaurus, use an online one if you don't have one at home). Make sure to have powerful vocabulary choices.

We would like you to write a character description of Kukulkan based on what we know about him so far.


Remember to write considering the following-

1. Third Person

2. Expanded noun phrases

3. Make it clear what the character looks like

4. How the character  behaves / personality

5. How the character interacts with other characters

6. Use powerful verbs and adverbs

7. Use a variety of conjunctions (causal and contrasting)


Lesson 7 and 8 Everyday Life of the Maya

Today, you are continuing your research from the lesson detailed yesterday. Below are the links to all the documents that were shared yesterday, there is no further information.

So, please search online for additional detail to add to your work.

Extension - Maybe, you'd like to present your information in a colourful poster, comic strip, or on the computer. 

Please make sure to share your work with us on Seesaw.