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Two days ago, on Saturday, it was the Queen's birthday. So today all the activities are going to be based on her.

Firstly, read the Queen Elizabeth II Powerpoint. This will give you an insight into the Queen's life, such as her path to the throne, her various responsibilities and the homes she stays in.


We are tackling English first, as this lesson is a reading comprehension about the Queen and why she celebrates two birthdays a year. Choose the appropriate level of challenge, and read the text and questions carefully. You can self mark against the answers at the end.


Activity 1

Use your maths knowledge to complete the Queen's birthday number fact challenge. Use the answers provided to self mark your work.

Activity 2

Complete the Queen's birthday party dinner mystery by using the clues provided. Then see if you're correct by using the answers provided. (We know that it refers to the Queen as being 91 when in fact she is 95 - apologies but we really liked the activity.)

Afternoon activities

Below are an assortment of different activities that you may like to have a go at. Don't forget to take pictures of your work and share them with us on Seesaw.