The Tyrrells School

Aspire, Care, Learn for Life


Choose a physical activity and ask children to recommend a food to eat which would help them to do that activity. Ask them to give reasons for their choice, e.g. Bananas give you energy; a ham sandwich would stop you feeling hungry so you could run for a long time; if you eat pasta you don’t feel tired when you go swimming.


Show the children a Healthy Triangle with a label on each side-  my body, my feelings, my relationships. Explain that all three of these are important for good health.



Ask children to draw two pictures. One is Mrs. Healthy and the other is Mrs. Unhealthy. Include speech bubbles / thought bubbles to show what each character is thinking / feeling. Discuss what they are able / unable to do. Ask children what their favourite day out would be like. Then ask them to imagine they are like Mrs. Unhealthy on that day – how do they feel?


Ask the children to write an email or letter to their Mrs. Unhealthy. Ask them to recommend some activities and foods to her. Ask them what they would say to make her want to change?