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Give your body chance to workout to this track.


Today is the last lesson on coordinates. Read through the "Draw on a grid PPT" up to slide 9 and then have a go at completing the Fluency activity 1 questions.

Then return back to the PPT and complete the rest of the slides. Then tackle the reasoning and problem solving questions at the appropriate challenge level for you. Don't forget you can self mark your answers using the guide at the end of the question sheet.


For a fun application of your understanding, have a go at playing Battleships. The instruction guide and board can be found below.


Today and Thursday's activities are in a similar format. They contain an interesting image and a set of related tasks:


  • Question Time! Comprehension questions designed to deepen your understanding. You can discuss these with your adults at home.
  • Sentence Challenge! These are grammar and punctuation activities at sentence level. They are an opportunity to practise what you have previously learnt.
  • Sick Sentences! A chance to show off your editing and improving skills. Boring sentences or sentences with mistakes that you need to work your magic on.
  • Perfect picture! An art task where you can set your creativity free.
  • Story Starter! Read this carefully and then continue the text. By now you should be inspired and fired up to create your own writing related to the image!


Make sure that you complete one story starter be it from today or Thursday's image.


Teeth (continued)

Today is a chance to consolidate your understanding of teeth by having a go at the crossword and trying out the Teeth and eating challenge cards.