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Today you will be thinking about ‘giving change’. Remember that often people do not carry the exact coins they need so will pay with a bigger sum of money that what they need to. The money left over or the money they have overpaid is given back as change. Watch the BBC Bitesize clip below for a quick reminder on one way that you can calculate change.


Download the following ‘Mathopoly’ attachments and play this Monopoly style game with a sibling or grown up. If you do not have a dice, then you can either make one by printing the net template or click on the link below for an interactive ‘roll’.  If you would like your board game to be larger than A4 then there is an option in the attachments to print across two pieces of paper, you can then stick these together.


If you are unable to print the Mathopoly game then please have a go at the ‘Check your change' activity. You can number the questions and record either Correct/Incorrect in your notebook. Have fun!