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This is your second geography lesson all about seasides. In this lesson you are going to be naming the key features of seaside locations.


Please look through the photographs on the PowerPoint. What can you see? What do you think is happening here? What things can you see which are ‘human’ (man-made)? What things are physical (natural)? What is the weather like?

Your first activity is to see if you can label the key features of a seaside location.

There are three challenges so choose wisely smiley

The PowerPoint shows you lots of photographs from an aeriel view. We have spoken about aeriel views in class. How is an aerial photograph different from a forward facing photograph, or a side facing photograph?

The aeriel views show lots of key features you would expect to find at the seaside.  Can you close your eyes for a few minutes and think about how the aeriel view photograph on the PowerPoint makes you feel. Use your senses to describe what you might hear, see, smell, feel and even what you might be able to taste.


Using the In the Picture Activity Sheet, can you firstly label the key features of the seaside and then complete the senses grid with how the photograph makes you feel.