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Today we are going to revise the /igh/ sound family. 

Watch the below video and note down any words that you can see that contain the /igh/ sound. Be careful, there are lots of different ways of spelling the /igh/ sound!

Play the below game on Phonics Play - click on 'word sort'. Children can use the site at home without their parents needing to subscribe. To access the resources all you need to do is log on using the following details.

Username: march20
Password: home

If you can't access the flash, you can write as many /igh/ words as you can for each spelling, pop them in a hat and children can sort them into the below columns.



Great news Year One! The Pirate Captain found a huge treasure chest full of fabulous golden coins on the island that he and the pirate crew are currently self-isolating on. The Pirate Captain has decided to buy a lovely little farmhouse and a large plot of farmland with his share of the treasure, so that he can look after some animals and grow some food. He’s very excited to become the ‘Farm Captain’ instead!

The only problem with this is, he has been a pirate for so long that he has no idea what he needs to do to be a farmer. He needs your help!

Can you think of some jobs and activities that the new ‘Farm Captain’ will need to do on the farm? Talk about the different jobs with someone in your family, and then write them down using your phonics to spell each word carefully. You could write them in a list or on a mind map. There are a few pictures below to give you some clues and a sheet that you could print off to use for your mind map. We are sure that you will be able to think of lots of jobs to keep the Farm Captain busy while he is in lockdown on his new farm!

Have fun, and please send us a copy of your work by email or you could upload it to Seesaw.


Problem of the Day: Can you solve it? Send us your answer on Seesaw or by email.



Today we will be learning to represent numbers using Dienes on a place value chart.


Watch the below video regarding tens and ones for revision of the concept of ‘tens’ and ‘ones’.

Show children the below picture from yesterday and explain that at the factory, they sort bricks in packs of ten, because it’s easier for builders to buy them in packs. The factory has a machine that sorts the bricks.

Get children to repeat the following sentence structures:

Ten bricks make one pack. Ten ones make one ten.

Ask: How many bricks does the pig have? How do you know?

Ten bricks make one pack. Ten ones make one ten. Seven tens and four ones makes seventy four..

As you say this, ‘reveal’ the place value chart below with brick headings. Explain that this shows seven packs of ten and four single bricks, which makes 74.

Say:  We can also call these columns the Tens and Ones in a place value chart. The 7 in the left column shows seven tens. The 4 in the right column shows four ones.

Ensure children understand that it doesn’t matter what the object is, if we group in tens, we write the numeral in the same way.

How could I represent 74 with Dienes? Ask children to show this using Dienes. Check they are correct using the below place value chart as a reference.

Complete the following activities that involve representing 2-digit numbers in a place value chart. For each activity, use Dienes to also represent each 2-digit number on the below place value chart.