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Checking your Change

Today, you are applying the skills you used from Friday to calculate the change you would be given after making a purchase. Remember that you need to line up the decimal points before you start the subtraction. Take care with exchanging numbers, particularly when you pay with a round pound amount eg £1 or £5 for example. Remember that this is the same as £1.00 and £5.00 respectively.

Have a go at the checking your change activity sheet below.


Today, read through The Princess and the Pea story by Lauren Child. How does it differ from the Hans Christian Anderson version you read on Friday?

Then have a go at punctuating the direct speech, choosing challenge 1 or 2. Don't forget to use the Revision card and dialogue checklist help sheet in the document below.

Try and write part of the story using all the rules of direct speech.


EITHER, make a comic strip version of The Princess and the Pea story, OR act out the story using toys at home. Maybe take a video of it and share it on SeeSaw with us.

World Oceans Day 2020 activities

As you will recall, yesterday was World Oceans Day. We thought it would be useful to continue with this theme to carry out another couple of activities.

Activity 1 - There is chance for you to complete your work from yesterday researching ONE of the five oceans. 

Activity 2 - Use the "Design a poster" activity sheet to create a poster informing people of the damage that is being done to our oceans and creatures. You may want to link some of your ideas and facts from your plastic pollution research in English. Make sure to include a positive section about what changes people can make to help our oceans.
Activity 3 - Have a go at completing the word search below.