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Today, we are looking at working out fractions of quantities. Please see the guidance sheet below which explains the steps as to how approach these calculations. 

Then questions follow in the document. Choose the appropriate challenge level for you.

This will test your division and multiplication skills, so attached is a multiplication square for those to use if you are struggling with your times tables.


Last week, you wrote the main body of your persuasive argument as to why school uniform should be banned. Today you are going to plan and write your introduction section to this piece of writing. The examples below are examples of introductions taken from persuasive texts. What do you notice they often contain?

You will see that they often contain a statement that outlines what the persuasion is. They introduce the key points that will used and developed in the main part of the text. They often draw the reader in, and end with a powerful statement to get the reader to read on. They also contain different features, relating to persuasive writing.

Rhetorical questions - Get the reader thinking, to provide a question with an obvious answer so the reader believes there is only option.

Repetition - To emphaise the key points.

Alliteration - To make the key points memorable.

Can you spot these in the examples above?


Now is time to use the planning template to consider your ideas for your introduction for the piece of writing you wrote on Friday. Choose either green or orange/red template. Then challenge yourself within that to include rhetorical questions, repetition and alliteration as appropriate. Discuss your ideas and jot them down. Then when you're happy with the contents, write your introduction section. Make sure it links to your main body text.

Religious Education

We are continuing with Sikhism and today we are exploring the Sikh symbol called Khanda. Find out what the three elements are that make up the symbol and about the festival Baisakhi, using the document below.