The Tyrrells School

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Chance to apply your learning to a couple of decimal challenges.

Use the Decimal chart to help you tackling, the decimal challenge and/or riddle cards.


Today you need to help Mr Whoops spot the spelling mistakes.

Read the text carefully and see if you can spot the 12 spelling mistakes he has made. It would probably be best if you use a dictionary to help you. Then spell the word correctly. (You can check your answers on the second page. These words then need to be learned for a spelling test next week.

You can then EITHER:-

Rewrite the paragraph correctly spelling the words, using cursive handwriting, making sure each word is legible


Type up the text on the computer, using your touch typing skills that you have been working on at home.

Art - Endangered Animals

Continuing the theme from the last couple of days, we would like you to complete the art task detailed in the challenge below. Please pay particular attention to your sketching and shading skills. Don't forget to share some of your artwork on SeeSaw. Don't rush to complete this task in just one afternoon, you could carry it on into the Half term next week.