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Daily English

English Lesson


Today you are going to begin gathering information about someone you know so that you can write a fact file about them. This must be someone who lives with you or that you can interview on the telephone.

Your fact file needs to be detailed and interesting for the reader!

Firstly, you will need to think of some interesting questions that you can ask this person about themselves. 


Activity 1. Take 10- 15 minutes to think of and write out some questions. After that, open document number 1 for some more ideas of questions and add any to your list that you have missed out. Remember to leave enough space underneath each question for the answer!

Or print the list and add your own questions to it. 



Activity 2. Now you need to ask your questions and gather the information for your fact file (to be created tomorrow). 


Remember.......When we write down the answers we need to make notes. This means we write down just the important information rather than whole sentences. e.g. Instead of writing '' Sally wanted to be a gymnastics coach for the Olympics'' you can write '' gym coach, Olympics''

Reading Comprehension


Monday's reading comprehension was a non-fiction text and today you are going to read a fictional story and answer questions based on that story.


There are 3 different challenges for you to choose from.