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Today we are looking at the perimeter of rectilinear figures. Remember from yesterday, think of an ant walking all the way around the shape and adding up the lengths in total to work out the perimeter.

Activity 1

Watch the video link below. Please ONLY watch to 54 seconds for today.

Read through the "Perimeter PPT" below reading pages 1 to 12.

Then tackle the Fluency Activity 1 questions below. Remember to choose the appropriate challenge level for you, and self mark your answers.

Activity 2

Read through the PPT above for pages 13 to 19 and then tackle the Application and Reasoning questions below. Remember to choose the appropriate challenge level and self mark your answers.


Read from the start of Chapter 3 Flying to Paradise, to the end of "Kulkulkan pondered the question" on page 30. Do NOT read on any further than this.

What sort of decision is Kukulkan in? - He is facing a dilemma as he is unsure whether he should give the gift of chocolate to the Mayans or not.

What would you do in his position and why?

For example

- The Gods have more than they need / the Mayans work hard therefore they deserve it / the right thing to do would be share it


- If the Mayans have everything the Gods have there will be nothing to distinguish them from the Gods / the Mayans could become greedy for more power/wealth over the Gods / the Mayans don't know about chocolate so they don't know what they are missing /The Gods will hate Kukulkan.


Remember the conscience alley we would do in class, this represents the different sides of Kukulkan's conscience. Think up different arguments the two voices in his head may be saying.


Your task today is to write a short paragraph detailing the thoughts and feelings of Kukulkan's conscience. Your final sentence should then explain what your final decision is and why.

DT Cooking

Following the success of this task several weeks ago, we thought it would be worth doing this activity again.

Either this afternoon, or over the weekend, try to help a grown up with some cooking at home. Either something sweet or savory. A single portion or enough for the whole family. IT is up to you and your family.   Make sure you check you have all the ingredients you need before you begin.

Can you:

Use your reading skills to follow a recipe?

Use your measurement skills to weigh out ingredients on the scales?

Use your knowledge of time skills to calculate when to take the item out of the oven?

Can you use your fraction skills to either scale up or scale down to the right number of portions?


Remember to take a picture of your cooking and send it to us on see-saw.  We would love to see your creative skills!  Add a note to tell us how it tasted and if you would change anything next time. Can you identify which skills you have developed whilst cooking?