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As we move into Week 12 of PE with Joe Wicks on YouTube, we're still working on getting stronger and fitter. Miss Bradbrook is delighted to report that she managed 6 more burpees in a minute in the June strength test when compared to the April one! (And she really doesn't like burpees!)

Fitness Challenge

Balance is a key component of fitness. This weeks challenge is based all around balance.

All you need to take on the challenge is a small amount of room and a timer, and something to catch for the harder challenges.

The challenges:

1 – See how long you can stand on one foot, remember to put your arms out wide and look at something in front that isn’t moving this will help you balance.

2 – Can you now make shapes or move your body forwards and backwards whilst keeping balanced?

3 – Can you catch a ball (could be a pair of rolled up socks) whilst keeping balanced?

4 – Make the catches harder by getting the object thrown to your sides or higher and lower whilst trying to keep your balance. See how many catches you can do before you have to put your other foot down.


Remember to try the challenges on both sides of your body. You can also go to the website to see the full video of this fitness challenge.

Active Essex have a packed timetable of free weekly live workouts and fitness activities. They are also uploaded to their YouTube channel so you can try them at your leisure. See the link below.