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There are some parts of the world that are easy to explore and others we know little about, due to not many people being able to live there.


Explore the PowerPoint below to see where the Arctic and Antarctic are. In class we have studied Earnest Shackleton and his great expedition. Today you will be introduced to Robert Falcon Scott.


Read through the information about Scott’s expedition using the PowerPoint. Should Captain Scott have gone to the Antarctic or not? Do you think it was a good idea for Scott to go to the South Pole? Why? Why not? What happened to Captain Scott and his companions on their journey?

Think about the difficulties that Captain Scott and his friends would have had, such as their dogs dying and their sleeping bags not staying dry. Using the sheet below can you write a diary entry, imagining that you are Captain Scott returning from the South Pole, after discovering that the Norwegian explorers had arrived there first.