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Welcome back

Welcome back to the class page after the half term holidays. We appreciate that none of us necessarily spent the half term how we would have liked to. We do hope that you managed to enjoy some of the beautiful weather.

Back to home learning ……..


For the next couple of days we are going to consolidate our learning of fractions and decimals, using MyMaths. 

Please see your MyMaths account for today's maths task. Complete the lesson before attempting the homework. Remember you can use your book for workings. We will monitor results online.

You must remember to log out of your portal and then log out of MyMaths - otherwise your results might not be sent to us.

Your first task to complete will be "Tenths and hundredths". When complete move on to "Dividing by 10 and 100" task. Finally, complete the "Estimates with decimals" task.



Today, we would look to find out more about what you got up to over half term. Please read the task instruction sheet below.

Then choose the challenge level of template for your write.

Do not forget to load up images of this on SeeSaw for us to read.

Computing - internet safety (15 minutes)

With a grown up - watch the video from the 'Think You Know..' website.  Only watch the second video - 'Who's Magnus?'

After watching the video, use the prompts from activity 1 to discuss the video clip with your adult.

Activity 2 focuses on what is OK to share online. Have a look at each of the scenarios with your adult - decide on whether: it's OK to share, not OK to share or it depends..... If you choose 'it depends...' discuss with your adult what does sharing depend upon.

Computing - touch typing (30 minutes)

Today we are going to continue with our touch typing skills with the BBC Dance Mat Typing website. If you have been working on your typing skills over the past few weeks, continue from where you finished last time. If you haven't started yet, begin with Level 1.


Level 1 -the home row.

Level 2 - the six  keys above the home row.

Level 3 - the six keys below the home row.

Level 4 - punctuation and the letters x and z.

Each level is split into three parts - ensure you complete each parts of the level before moving on.


Work through at your own pace, focusing on using the correct finger for each letter.  Try to use the activity for 30 minutes.