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Literacy - Lesson 4 - Comprehension 


Sooty is back!

Today Sooty is going to tell you all about his week in lockdown. Watch and listen carefully and then answer the questions below.


Have fun!


Sooty's Week

Still image for this video
Watch and listen to the video and then answer the question.



(Q1) What did Sooty do on Monday?


(Q2) What colour bike has Sooty got?


(Q3) What size is the swing ball in Sooty's garden?


(Q4) What type of cakes did Sooty make and who did he give them too?


(Q5) What did Sooty do on Thursday?


(Q6) What was Sooty's favourite Joe Wicks exercise?


(Q7) Where did Sooty take the dog for a walk?


(Q8) Who did Sooty FaceTime on Sunday?


(Q9) What is Sooty going to do next week?


(Q10) Sooty had to go in a rush. What was he going to do?