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Daily English

L.O: To form letters correctly and use alliteration in sentences.


Today's English lesson begins with practicing writing the letters a, b and c. 

  • First, watch video 1 on the link below upto 40 seconds then do the letter 'a' handwriting sheet. 
  • Then watch upto 1 minute 20 seconds and do the letter 'b' handwriting sheet.
  • Lastly watch the video upto 1 minute 44 seconds and complete the letter 'c' handwriting sheet. 

Now follow the link and watch the second videoclip about alliteration ( the picture has two girls running with a blue background).





  • Complete Activity 2- writing at least 3 sentences about caterpillars. Challenge: can you write another 3 sentences, using alliteration, about any animals of your choice?


  • Complete Activity 3


  • If you feel like continuing to challenge yourself have a go at the 'Karate Cats' or the  'Small Town Superheroes Game' at the bottom of the web page. 


Good Luck!   cool