The Tyrrells School

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Daily tasks

By now you probably have this routine set but do please check for any extra updates. 

TT rockstars for 20 minutes and read for 20 minutes. Lexia users to also complete 20 minutes of this too.

Make sure to do some physical activity. Either, tune in to Joe Wicks daily workout or a session of yoga from our list of websites within mindfulness and keeping active.

Listen to David Walliams on the web link below, which is releasing a free audio book each day at 11am.

Spend 20 minutes learning how to touch type on the computer. Make sure to take time to work through each of the stages at your pace. The weblink for this is below.

Volunteer to help with at least one task around the house, eg washing up, making your bed, making a drink for your household.

New suggestion - Perhaps you can help prepare a meal today.


Today, as part of revisiting the four operations we are focussing on the fluency of short division. Remember, we looked at number line chunking as well as expanded method in class. This session is about using the bus stop division method. As a recap of this technique, click through the following Powerpoint as a slide show. This shows the way to layout the calculation and the use of decimal points. Don't forget to do the warm up calculations on the second page.

The worksheet below has several levels of challenge to choose from. Use a multiplication square to help you if you need. The extension involves calculating the missing digit.

At the end of the worksheet is a set of model answers which you will be able to self mark against. Don't forget the short dotty date of 02.04.20 and use LO of short division, making clear which challenge level you are working on.


Earlier this week we studied and wrote an informal letter. For the rest of this week we are going to be looking at planning and writing a formal letter.

You will need to relook at the Powerpoint which explains the difference between informal and formal styles of writing. Make sure to pay particular attention to the formal language structure and vocabulary choices.

The task sheet below outlines the work to be completed over the next two days. Your focus today is to plan on the planning template what you would like to write. Remember, this task is a formal letter so make sure to use the style detailed in the Powerpoint above.


Can you remember the four states of matter? How do we identify what state of matter a material is? Recap by clicking on the BBC Bitesize weblink below. Watch all the videos and then click on the 9 class clips at the bottom of that webpage.


Now challenge yourself to these two interactive quizzes. You can always research the answer rather than just guessing. They also reveal the answers after you have attempted the questions. 
Watch the following clip about the water cycle and then try to answer the crossword clues. Again the answers can be found at the end of the puzzle.