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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!


Thank you for visiting our Year 5 page. We will be sharing lots of the activities, visits and events that we have been involved in on this page. We hope you enjoy sharing our learning with us.

Ford Celebration Event


On Monday 25th June, 16 children represented the year group by taking part in a celebration event organised by Primary Engineer at Ford Dunton. They showcased their cars, discussed their technical features with Ford engineers and put them through their paces in some road tests.

They thoroughly enjoyed the experience and were fabulous ambassadors for the school.

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Primary Engineer and Ford Car Project


This half term, pupils in Year 5 have been busy constructing battery powered cars, drawing upon their Design Technology and Science skills from across the academic year. The Year 5 team were delighted to observe the whole year group demonstrating so many of our school learning powers during this project.


Road Safety


On Monday 11th June, we had a visitor come into school from Safer Essex Roads Partnership to talk to Year 5 about road safety.  As a year group, we had a classroom based session before going out along Tavistock Road in small groups.  Whilst outside, we identified hazards and discussed some of the areas we had learnt about in the classroom.


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Growing beds


Year 5 have been busy this week in the school garden.  Due to settling, we needed to add some more top soil to our new growing bed - after removing the weeds.  We have distributed the last of the stones around the pathways between the flower beds. Finally, after lots of preparation work, we have begun planting!!  We have planted carrot seeds in our growing beds and tree saplings around the field.


Watch this space for growing updates - we are looking forward to our first harvest before the summer holiday!

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Anglo-Saxon houses


As part of our Anglo-Saxon unit, we made Anglo-Saxon houses in Design Technology.  Each team of three measured, cut and glued pieces of wood together to make a wooden frame.


The children investigated the best way to cover the frame by making a prototype - we had to make many adjustments to our prototypes. To make the outer shell of our houses look more authentic, we covered them in straw and a mud paste.


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Epping Forest River Trip

All of Year 5 enjoyed a visit to Epping Forest as part of our Water topic.  The focus of our day was to develop our fieldwork skills and compare different locations along the river.

We began with a classroom session to discuss the locality of Epping Forest and compare soil samples of the different sites.  5W headed to the upper stream first and 5B went to the lower stream.

Whilst at the first site we carried a range of measurements including the speed of the river, the width and depth of the river.  We carried out observations of the size and shapes of stones found as well as the shape of the river itself, the banks and surrounding area.

Next, we swapped sites and carried out the same measurements and observations (to enable us to make comparisons when we returned to school.)

We had a great day at the river!  It was fantastic to spot all the features we have been learning about in class – including erosion, transportation, deposition, meanders and many more.  We enjoyed spending time outside, even if some of us did get damp feet in the river!!

Anglian Water Visitor


Both classes had a visit from Simon, who works for Anglian Water, to talk about waste water.  We learnt all about ways to save water in our homes; including turning the tap off when brushing our teeth, having a shower instead of a bath, fixing leaking taps and having a water butt.

Each group made their own sewage soup.  From this, we learnt we could put human waste and toilet roll down the toilet.  However, we should not put nappies, baby wipes, cotton buds, tea-bags, cooking oil or paint down our sinks or toilets.  This is because these items block the sewage pipes and the sewage plant.  Even the wipes which say they are flushable, shouldn’t be put down the toilet!  The sewage soup was disgusting!  We all enjoyed the session!! 

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Homework help - ent words


absorbent    agent    confidence    consistent    convenient    currency    decent    difference    excellent    experience    intelligent    magnificent    patience    permanent    residence    resident    translucent   transparency

Meet the teacher


Many thanks to the parents and carers who came to our Meet the Teacher Session on Friday 15th September.  For those of you that were unable to make it - please find the PowerPoint and handouts from the meeting below.