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Meet the Governors

Welcome to our Governors’ section. 

Please find below details of how our Governing body is structured, including the names, categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each Governor.

You can contact the governors directly by email:

Mrs Katherine Wilkinson - Community Governor (Chair of Governors)

Responsibilities: Chair of Curriculum, Finance, Personnel.

Term of Office: Dec 2010 - Dec 2018

Mr David Bome - Parent Governor (Vice Chair of Governors)

Responsibilities: Curriculum, Finance, Chair of Premises.

Term of Office: Nov 2014 - Nov 2018

Mr Daniel Babbs - Community Governor

Responsibilities: Chair of Finance, Premises

Term of Office: Nov 2013 - Nov 2021

Mr Paul Edwards - Parent Governor (Chelmsford Learning Partnership Trustee)

Responsibilities: Curriculum, Finance, Personnel, Premises.

Term of Office: Nov 2013 - Nov 2021


Miss Caroline Bradbrook - Teacher Governor


Term of Office: Jun 2009 - Jun 2021

Mrs Sharon Wassell - Non-Teacher Governor


Term of Office: Jul 2014 - Sep 2022

Mrs Catherine Gilmore - Community Governor


Term of Office: March 2017 - March 2021


Mr Martin Greenwood - Community Governor


Term of Office: March 2017 - March 2021

Mr Matthew Fenn - Teacher Governor


Term of Office: Sept 2017 - Sept 2021

Attendance at Meetings 2017/18:

Name of Governor Full Governing Body Curriculum Finance Personnel Premises
Daniel Babbs 6/8 x 4/4 x 3/3
David Bome 7/8 3/4 4/4 x 3/3
Caroline Bradbrook 8/8 4/4 x x x
Aaron Cracknell 5/7 x x x x
Amanda Daines 6/8 4/4 4/4 3/3 3/3
Paul Edwards 7/8 1/4 3/4 1/3 1/3
Matt Fenn 8/8 1/4 x x x
Catherine Gilmore 7/8 4/4 x 2/3 x
Martin Greenwood 6/8 x 3/3 x x
Sharon Wassell 7/8 x x x 3/3
Katherine Wilkinson 8/8 4/4 4/4 3/3 1/1
Sarah Yewman 5/7 2/3 x 2/2 x


Register of Business Interests:

Name Role Current Employment Nature of Business Nature of Interest Day of Appoint or Acquisition Date of Cessation of Interest Date of Entry

Daniel Babbs




Wife teacher at Mildmay School



David Bome

Governor (Vice chair)

Copford Primary School



Caroline Bradbrook


The Tyrrells School (CLP) Education

Brother employed as ICT Technician

26/06/13   10/09/2018
Amanda Daines Headteacher The Tyrrells School (CLP) Education Nil Return     10/09/2018
Paul Edwards



Chelmer Housing Partnership Housing Association


Myriad Housing Ltd

Myriad Capital Plc

Ezee Living Ltd

Trustee: CLP

Member of CIMA




Governor The Tyrrells School (CLP) Education TalentsTheatre School Principal     10/09/2018
Catherine Gilmore Governor Retired   Nil Return     10/09/2018
Martin Greenwood Governor Schroders

Asset Management

Nil Return     10/09/2018

Sharon Wassell


The Tyrrells School (CLP)


Nil Return

Katherine Wilkinson

 Governor (Chair)

Essex County Council Local Government Nil Return     10/09/2018


Agreed Minutes of Governors' meetings are available from the School Office.