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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!


Thank you for visiting our Year 2 page. We will be sharing lots of the activities, visits and events that we have been involved in on this page. We hope you enjoy sharing our learning with us.

Cooking in Year 2

We have thoroughly enjoyed growing our own vegetables this year. We have successfully grown our own pumpkin and sweet potatoes ready to use in our cooking lessons.


The children followed a recipe, accurately measuring out their ingredients. We also enjoyed evaluating our pumpkin cakes and sweet potato scones in our tasting sessions.





Our trip to The Aerozone Education Centre


The year 2 children thoroughly enjoyed their visit to The Aerozone Education Centre.


The children began their exciting day with a discussion surrounding the history of Stansted Airport and how aircrafts have changed over time. The children were then asked to explore an array of activities. The children dressed up as pilots, policemen and women, firefighters and air stewards; They explored some science related activities; They were also asked to correctly identify countries on a world map using the corresponding flags.


To the children's amazement, a fire engine then arrived! The children enjoyed a discussion with the firefighters and learnt about what their job can entail on a daily basis. The children were then given the opportunity to use the fire fighters hose to aim at a target.


When we thought our day could not get anymore exciting... four police vehicles then arrived! The children enjoyed a discussion with the armed police team and explored the vehicle they may use and what they have to carry on their vehicle. We then had the opportunity to look at a vehicle that may be used to transport people to the police station (the children were eager to get inside this vehicle!) To end we had the amazing opportunity to meet two sniffer dogs that are used to detect explosives.


The day finally ended on a visit to the viewing platform to see the aircrafts taking off and landing!


It was an amazing day that was enjoyed by all!

Meet the Teacher


Many thanks to the Parents and Carers who attended our Meet the Teacher session on Thursday 20th September. For those of you that were unable to make it - please find the PowerPoint and hand outs from the meeting below.


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