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Welcome to Year 2!


Thank you for visiting our Year 2 page. We will be sharing lots of the activities, visits and events that we have been involved in on this page. We hope you enjoy sharing our learning with us.

History Off The Page

We got the term off to a flying start with a visit from 'History Off The Page's' Elizabeth, all the way from 1666! Elizabeth explained in a great deal of detail about the jobs that people did in London at the time and the children had the chance to try out many of them. They wrote with quills using ink that they made themselves, dipped their own candles, made bread rolls and tried their hand at some sewing. It was a very busy morning!

After lunch, the children had the chance to see what a house would have been like at the time and heard a story about a child caught up in the chaos of the fire. The children were archaeologists, digging through the ashes to uncover who each house belonged to - and they rummaged through bags of precious belongings, discussing why each item had been carefully carried away from the fire by its owner.

With the plague doctor, rat catchers, large grey rats and a well - Elizabeth certainly helped the children to set the scene and appreciate what life was like at the time of the Great Fire of London and helped launch our topic for the half term.

Many thanks to Elizabeth for sharing all of her knowledge, the children had a wonderful day. Thanks also to the parents who gave up their time to help with the running of the day and to all of the parents who conjured up wonderful costumes for the children to wear, enabling them to become completely immersed in the event.


Ipswich Transport Museum Trip

As part of our topic on 'Wheels, Wings and Other Things', all of the children in Year 2 enjoyed a trip to the Ipswich Transport Museum last week to investigate how transport has changed over the years.

The children were able to see old bicycles such as the Penny Farthing, a tandem and the Hobby Horse as well as a selection of old motorbikes and prams. The Museum also houses a range of fabulous trams, buses and impressive emergency vehicles which the children enjoyed sitting on and having a go at the bell!

Having bought a ticket with an old penny from the conductor and climbing the narrow spiral staircase, the children enjoyed eating their lunch on an old double decker bus. They also spent some time in small groups investigating the answers to a quiz and carefully sketching some of the vehicles.

A brilliant day was had by all and the children certainly learnt a lot from seeing the vehicles first hand.

Many thanks to the parents who attended the trip and supported the children in their learning in the museum.

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Meet the Teacher


Many thanks to the Parents and Carers who braved the hall temperatures for our Meet the Teacher session on Tuesday 13th September. For those of you that were unable to make it - please find the PowerPoint and hand outs from the meeting below.


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